We value our customers’ privacy and security at In order to ensure the safest checkout, we’ve created this page to share how we collect and use information.

Information we collect

Our users provide us with necessary information to make it safer for both parties. Your order data is retained as long as it is being processed. We don’t get any other personal information through any secret policy. Furthermore, we require users’ consent to collect only relevant data.

In addition to using a secure payment gateway, we also accept payments using SSL encryption, so there’s no room for disclosure, unauthorized access, or copying.

Information Disclosure

Any information you provide to us is kept confidential. The order is placed, the delivery is made. It is professionalism that has led us to serve thousands of clients.

Use of Cookies

For a faster and more secure experience, we use cookies. Cookies provide us with information about your online activities. As a result of your data, Google knows what you like best. We use browser cookies to give the best user experience to all web browsers countrywide.